Start Now: Job Opportunities For Latest Farm Workers Recruitment in Canada/USA – Apply Now (Job Opportunities)

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Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to the below. (Start Now For Job Opportunities))
  • Crop planning
  • Seed starting & greenhouse propagation
  • Transplanting and direct seeding more than 50 different crops
  • Soil test analyzing and relevant soil amending
  • Low Tunnel & Greenhouse growing; Season extension
  • Intensive crop-management and rotation in a double & triple cropping bed system
  • Harvest & Post-harvest handling.

Educational Goals: (Job Opportunities)

  • To share the skills and knowledge involved in sustainable farming
  • To offer assistant an example of a successful organic farm so that they can learn the cycles of the growing season, crop rotation, succession/companion planting, and market farming
  • To give assistant first hand working knowledge with specific crops, so that they can have a solid foundation of farming experience
  • To support the hands-on learning that comes through hard work in the fields with educational resources and leadership opportunities
  • To gain experience working with and facilitating youth groups and volunteers at the farm

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